RCCG SOD Year One: Know Your Enemy Part 7

RCCG SOD Year One: Know Your Enemy Part 7



We have talked about demons in charge of religion but now we want to talk about another assignment that the devil could have. Every family has at least a demon assigned to it by the devil and above this, there is a demon in charge of a compound and a demon in charge of a town and another demon in charge of a state. There is a demon in charge of a whole country and so on and so forth. 


For example, there was a Prince of Persia in Daniel’s time. That was a demon in charge of Persia and if you read the Bible you will remember it was Satan that withstood David to conduct a census that caused a lot of trouble for Israel. It was Satan that motivated Pharaoh against the sons of Israel when he ordered the midwives to begin to kill the sons of Israel. It is the same Satan that motivated the massacre during the birth of Jesus Christ. 

The worship of Baal during Ahab’s reign which led to no rain for three and a half years is the handiwork of Satan. When Nebuchadnezzar set up his idol and asked everybody to begin to bow, it was not inspired by the Holy Spirit. It was the devil that inspired him. 


It was the demon in charge of Babylon that was responsible for the work. the spirit of the anti-christ already manifested several times in people like Napoleon Bonaparte or people like Adolf Hitler.



These demons know the laws of God and the consequences of breaking them. So they cause the leaders to break these laws with resultant negative effects on their people. When David counted the people of Israel, it was not David that died, it was the children of Israel that suffered. In fact, nobody died in David’s house. This is one of the reasons why you must be praying for your leaders that the devil will not be able to influence them. 


Not only that, demons introduced religions that cause the people to have other gods than God himself, as a result of which God will punish the people, as was the case with Ahab mentioned earlier. In the past, demons were very crude in their approach. They never hid their intentions. Like Baal worshippers, they brought it in openly or like Solomon who started marrying several strange wives and each wife came with their strange god. It was done openly. 


But now, as people become more enlightened, the demons become more refined in their approach. They have to present their religion that will sound like the true one.


For example, Islam also says they recognise one God but which God do they recognise? Is it the Living God? The Bible says any God that Jesus is not his son is not the real God. 


And then they also provide alternatives, for example in Free Mansonry, they call the name of their God “Jahbulbhon” and they say that it is a trinity, They say Jah is for Jehovah and “bul” for Baal and “bon” for Hosiris, god of the sun.  



So they put the three together and they call it “Jahbulbhon”. They say it is the combination of Jehovah, Baal and Hosiris. 


Look at the Celestial Church, sorry to say, but this is what they say. They combined Jesus with Mohammed and the Holy Micheal, so you see the cross and one funny eye looking at you. 


When he knows that there are some people now who have a philosophy, he introduced the Grail Message. They say they know Jesus. He is the beginning but He is not the end. They say he is the Alpha but he is not the Omega. They say He is the Author but not the Finisher of our Faith. But thank God we know better.



We must use modern dogs to hunt modern animals. The Bible says Angels are ministering spirits and we have not been making use of them enough. When Daniel was praying, God sent an angel to come and give him his answer and then a demon stopped that angel. The Lord of hosts sent a second angel that dealt with the first demon so that the first angel was able to bring the message to Daniel. The Lord of host knows which angel to send to go and help us to deal with all the demons that are on assignment in our lives. Our duty is to request them and say,




And he will do so.


From time to time, remember these angels are at your disposal. They are your servants. Call on the Lord of hosts and He will send them. Talk to Him now and He will answer you.




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