Risks Involved In Social Media Websites

In my previous article, I have discussed some of the risks associated with surfing the website, most especially when it has to do with children watching pornography online. In this article, I want to look at some of the risks involved in social media websites. Follow me as we are going to look at that together in this article. 

Here are some of the risks…

#1 Unhindered access 

When you are on social media sites and you are sharing your video and other personal information on social media. You have to note that it is possible for someone to copy your pictures and other contents that you are sharing on social media without your content. Some of these contents can be used to commit a crime without your consent. 

#2 Risky for children

Let me first state it here that this is not common to children alone, there are times that even adults talks too much on social media. If some people buy new cars or win new contracts, they will be so restless until they share such information on social media. This is a very bad habit, This is also common among children who can provide information to hackers unknowingly when they share too much information on social media. 

#3 Online Predators 

When you are on social media platforms, it is very easy for online predators to steal your personal information, They can now use this means to send you unsolicited emails. Some of the personal information that can be stolen include email, telephone number, residential address, hobbies, interest and more from their profile. Online predators may use the information stolen from you for cyberbullying, identity theft, or cyber exploitation among others.

Now some of the risks…

#1 Unsolicited emails

  • Online predators may use email techniques to steal information from children. 
  • They may send spam emails that contain pornographic materials or link to pornographic websites.
  • The child may even be asked to register on that website by providing personal information.


#2 Chat rooms

  • Online predators may use chat rooms to build contact with children and then lead them to cyber prostitution.
  • Online predators may use social engineering techniques to get personal information from children and adults in a chat room.
  • They may also send a malicious link to children, which may result in computers getting infected with malware. 
  • They may also use chats to send links to websites with inappropriate content, such as pornography content. 


Facts About Social Engineering In Computer Security

In my previous article, I have tried to talk about some of the ways that participation in online gaming can compromise your computer security. In this article, I want to talk about some of the facts that you need to know about the effect of social engineering on computer security. Follow me as we are going to look at that together in this article. 
When it comes to social engineering, attackers may trick the gamer into installing malicious software on their computers through social engineering platforms. 
They may offer a bonus or help in the game in exchange for other players’ passwords or other information in the game forum on a game server. 
It is also possible that gamers who are looking for a way to make the game much easier will respond to such requests, thereby falling victims to attacks. 
Attackers will then send emails supposedly from the game server administrator, which will invite the player to authenticate his or her account via a website link in the email message. This will direct the gamer to another website where vital information will be stolen from them. 

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