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Series 19: Latest CAPM Questions And Answers

Considering a highly dynamic project environment, which approach should the project manager adopt to manage the project team?

A. A self-organizing approach to increase team focus and maximize collaboration.
B. A virtual team to minimize feeling of isolation and gaps on sharing knowledge.
C. A distributed team to improve tracking progress, productivity, and performance.
D. A norming approach that requires team members to adjust their behavior and work together.

Correct Answer: A

A project is just beginning, and management creates a long list of potential stakeholders. Which statement about identifying and engaging stakeholders is correct?

A. The project manager should identify and deal with stakeholders only during the execution phase.
B. Stakeholder satisfaction should be identified immediately and managed as a project objective.
C. The project manager should focus on project objectives and deal with stakeholders as a secondary priority.
D. Stakeholder satisfaction is the most important goal, and project objectives should be considered a secondary priority.


Correct Answer: B 


Which of the following documents should the project manager update as a result of implementing the Plan Risk Responses process?

A. Risk Report
B. Issue Log
C. Assumption Log
D. Risk Management Plan


Correct Answer: D


An important project stakeholder has low risk tolerance. Which type of communication should a project manager use to provide this stakeholder with a difficult update?

A. Informal conversation
B. Face-to-face meeting
C. Short email update
D. Written report

Correct Answer: D 

In order to detect quality issues earlier in the project life cycle, the project manager is using an agile/adaptive environment. What is the main difference between waterfall and agile/adaptive development approaches for Project Quality Management?


A. The frequency of the quality and review steps
B. The number of deliverables
C. The duration of each of the quality and review steps
D. The tools used in the quality and review steps

Correct Answer: C 


Which set of competencies should a project manager have?

A. Leadership, strategic and business management, and technical project management
B. Expertise in the industry, leadership and business management, and bilingual skills
C. Technical project management, expertise in every role, and PMP certification
D. Expertise in every detail on project activities, PMP certification, and leadership

Correct Answer: A 

Which format can a network diagram take?

A. Flow chart
B. Control chart
C. Affinity diagram
D. Cause-and-effect diagram

Correct Answer: A

A project manager is assigned to a strategic project. Senior management asks the project manager to give a presentation in order to request support that will ensure the success of the project.

Which entities will the project manager attempt to influence?

A. The project and the organization
B. The organization and the industry
C. The subject matter experts and the project
D. The change control board and the organization

Correct Answer: A


The procurement requirements for a project include working with several vendors. What should the project manager take into consideration during the Project Procurement Management processes?


A. Work performance information
B. Bidder conferences
C. Complexity of procurement
D. Procurement management plan

Correct Answer: A

According to PMBOK, the definition of Plan Risk Management is:

A. Develop strategies and agreeing on actions to address overall and individual risk and exposure
B. Define how to conduct risk management activities for a project
C. Implement agreed-upon risk response plans
D. Analyze the impact of identified individual risk and other sources of uncertainty on overall project objectives


Correct Answer: D 

Which tool should a project manager consider to deal with multiple sources of risk?

A. An updated risk register
B. Risk breakdown structure
C. Issue log
D. Stakeholder register

Correct Answer: B:

Which key benefit can a project manager obtain by identifying stakeholders?

A. Identify the appropriate focus for engagement of each stakeholder
B. Assess the risk exposure for each stakeholder
C. Map stakeholder power and influence grid
D. Identify the appropriate channels of communication with all stakeholders


Correct Answer: A 

The project manager is working in an agile/adaptive environment. The project manager is considering different approaches for applying Project Integration Management in this environment.

How can the project manager ensure that this will work for the project?


A. Take control of all decisions and product planning
B. Build a team that can respond to changes within a collaborative, decision-making environment
C. Promote a team with a narrow specialization within a hierarchical environment
D. Delegate project decisions to the product owner and sponsor


Which of the following tasks focuses on decomposing work packages?

A. Adjust duration estimates
B. Define activities
C. Complete rolling wave planning
D. Develop milestone list

Correct Answer: B 

The project manager is using co-location and providing training to the project team. On which of the following Project Resource Management processes is the project manager working?

A. Acquire Resources
B. Control Resources
C. Manage Team
D. Develop Team

Correct Answer: D 

A project is in progress and about to move to a different phase, according to the plan. This will be a good opportunity for the project manager to:

A. create the project management plan
B. identify the project objectives
C. review and update stakeholder engagement
D. create the schedule baseline

Correct Answer: C 

Which is the appropriate tool to identify the possible correlation between two elements in a process?

A. Scatter diagram
B. Cause-and-effect diagram
C. Histogram
D. Control charts

Correct Answer: A 

Which is a difference between leadership and management?

A. Management influences and focuses on relationships with people; leadership focuses on systems and structure.
B. Leadership and management are the same thing and can be used interchangeably.
C. Management focuses on systems and structure; leadership focuses on relationships with people.
D. Management focuses on motivation and long-range vision; leadership focuses on near-term goals and problem solving.


Correct Answer: C 

Which components of the project can be updated as a result of managing stakeholder engagement?

A. Project management plan, project documents, and change requests
B. Project management plan, communication plan, and work performance information
C. Risk and communication plans
D. No components of the project can be updated after a stakeholder engagement plan has been completed


Correct Answer: A 

At what stages of a project should the Identify Stakeholders process be performed?

A. When beginning each phase of the project
B. At the beginning of the project only
C. Only when the project manager is concerned about stakeholder satisfaction
D. When the project charter is produced, at the beginning of each phase, and when significant changes occur

Correct Answer: B


How can a project manager evaluate project team development?

A. Produce team performance assessments
B. Hold weekly meetings to engage every member
C. Complete a personal skill assessment on each team member
D. Provide recognition awards to team members

Correct Answer: A 

Which of the following lists represents the outputs of the Monitor Communications process?


A. Project communications, project management plan updates, project documents updates, and organizational process assets updates
B. Work performance information, change requests, project management plan updates, and project documents updates
C. Communications management plan, project management plan updates, work performance report, and project documents update
D. Stakeholder engagement plan, change requests, project management plan updates, and project documents updates


Correct Answer: B 

A company must implement sales software because it is opening a new branch in a foreign market. Although this software is used in every domestic branch, multiple changes are expected during the implementation because it is a foreign location.

Which type of life cycle would the project manager use in this case?

A. Predictive life cycle
B. Waterfall life cycle
C. Hybrid life cycle
D. Product life cycle

Correct Answer: C 

Which are the main objectives of Project Risk Management?

A. Increase the probability of positive risks and decrease the probability of negative risks
B. Avoid all kind of risks
C. Increase the probability of positive risks and eliminate all negative risks
D. Identify positive and negative risks

Correct Answer: D 

A project receives budget approval, but the risk of extra costs is expected. Which of these inputs should the project manager check in order to make a qualitative risk analysis?

A. The risk management plan and the assumption log
B. Costs estimates and cost forecasts
C. The risk management plan and the basis of estimates
D. The assumption log and the project charter


Correct Answer: A 


Which are examples of processes that may be used once or at predefined points in the project life cycle?


A. Develop Project Charter and Close Project or Phase
B. Define Activities and Acquire Resources
C. Control Schedule and Conduct Procurements
D. Monitor Communications and Control Costs


Correct Answer: A 


Which type of project life cycle uses an iteration plan?

A. Agile
B. Predictive
C. Waterfall
D. Product

Correct Answer: C

Which process determines the correctness of deliverables?

A. Verify Deliverables
B. Validate Deliverables
C. Review Deliverables
D. Analyze Deliverables

Correct Answer: A 

What is one of the main purposes of the project charter?

A. Formal authorization of the existence of the project
B. Formal acceptance of the project management plan
C. Formal approval of the detailed project budget
D. Formal definition of stakeholder roles and responsibilities

Correct Answer: A 

Tailoring considerations for project scope management may include:

A. requirements management, stability of requirements, development approach, and validation and control
B. WBS guidelines, requirements templates, deliverable acceptance forms, and verified deliverables
C. business needs, product descriptions, project restrictions, and project management plan
D. issues defining and controlling what is included in the project, verified deliverables, and quality reports

Correct Answer: A 


Which statement about accepted deliverables is correct?

A. Project deliverables are completed and checked for correctness through the Control Quality process
B. Project deliverables meet the acceptance criteria and are formally signed off and approved by the customer or sponsor
C. Project deliverables meet the acceptance criteria and have been checked through the Control Quality process
D. Projects deliverables are registered as a result of all work packages that are checked and delivered and which meet the acceptance criteria

Correct Answer: B

Which of the following set of items belongs to the communications management plan?

A. Escalation processes and meeting management
B. Project schedule and glossary of common terminology
C. Escalation processes and stakeholder communication requirements
D. Interactive communication model and information to be communicated

Correct Answer: A 

A project manager is working on project cost management. The following information is current:

Planned value = 30
Actual cost = 35 Earned value = 28
Considering this data, which project indicator is correct?


A. Schedule Variance (SV) = 2
B. Cost Performance Index (CPI) = 0.80
C. Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = 1.93
D. Cost Variance (CV) = 7

Correct Answer: B 

Which knowledge area includes the processes to identify, define, and unify the various project management processes?


A. Project Integration Management
B. Project Communications Management
C. Project Quality Management
D. Project Risk Management


Correct Answer: A

Which task will a project manager undertake while conducting Project Resource Management?

A. Identify the different aspects of the team to manage and control physical resources efficiently
B. Procure equipment, materials, facilities, and infrastructure for the project
C. Train the team members in project skill sets
D. Define the roles and responsibilities of each team member

Correct Answer: A 

A project team member is estimating the cost of an activity and is checking documentation from previous similar projects. Which estimation method is the project manager using to complete this task?

A. Bottom-up estimating
B. Three-point estimating
C. Analogous estimating
D. Parametric estimating


Correct Answer: C 

Under which circumstances should multiple projects be grouped in a program?

A. When they are needed to accomplish a set of goals and objectives for an organization
B. When they have the same project manager and the same organizational unit
C. When they have the same scope, budget, and schedule
D. When they are from the same unit of the organization


Correct Answer: A

How should a project manager plan communications for a project which has uncertain requirements?

A. Include stakeholders in project meetings and reviews, use frequent checkpoints, and co-locate team members only.
B. Invite customers to sprint planning and retrospective meetings, update the team quickly and on a daily basis, and use official communication channels.
C. Adopt social networking to engage stakeholders, issue frequent and short messages, and use informal communication channels.
D. Adopt a strong change control board process, establish focal points for main subjects, and promote formal and transparent communication.


Correct Answer: D 

Which statement describes the relationship between Manage Quality process and Control Quality process?

A. Manage Quality is all about following planned processes and procedures for quality, while Control Quality is about making sure that the product which is produced conforms to customer specifications.
B. Control Quality is all about following planned process and procedures for quality, while Manage Quality is about making sure that the product which is produced conforms to customer specifications.
C. Manage Quality and Control Quality are the same.
D. Manage Quality is part of Quality Management and Control Quality is a subset of the Stakeholder Management Process group.


Correct Answer: A

Which is a list of organizational systems that may have an impact on a project?

A. Internal policies, company procedures, and organizational resources
B. Company culture, purchasing system, and project management information system
C. Organizational structure, governance framework, and management elements
D. Organizational process assets, enterprise environmental factors, and corporate knowledge

Correct Answer: A 

In an agile or adaptive environment, when should risk be monitored and prioritized?

A. Only during the Initiation and Closing phases
B. During the Initiation and Planning phases
C. During each iteration as the project progresses
D. Throughout the Planning process group and retrospective meeting

Correct Answer: C 

What are the inputs of the Estimate Costs process?

A. Project management plan, work performance data, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
B. Project management plan, project documents, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
C. Cost baseline, enterprise environmental factors, benefits management plan, and organizational process assets
D. Project management plan, enterprise environmental factors, basis of estimates, and organizational process assets


Correct Answer: B


When project requirements are documented in user stories then prioritized and refined just prior to construction, which approach is being used for scheduling?

A. Iterative scheduling with backlog
B. On-demand scheduling
C. Life cycle scheduling with backlog
D. Defining iterative activities


Correct Answer: A 

The focus on continuous communication with all stakeholders, including team members, is part of this knowledge area:

A. Project Integration Management
B. Project Resource Management
C. Project Stakeholder Engagement plan
D. Project Communications Management

Correct Answer: D 

For which kind of quantitative risk analysis chart can a tornado diagram represent values?

A. Sensitivity analysis
B. Monte Carlo analysis
C. Expected monetary value analysis
D. Decision tree analysis

Correct Answer: A 

A project manager is preparing to meet with three crucial project stakeholders on a new project. Which tools and techniques can the project manager use to capture stakeholder interest?


A. Review stakeholder register and meeting
B. Data analysis and communication skills
C. Data gathering and data analysis
D. Communication skills and cultural awareness

Correct Answer: D 

A project manager is identifying the risks of a project. Which technique should the project manager use?

A. Representations of uncertainty
B. Prompt lists
C. Audits

D. Risk categorization
Correct Answer: D 

What does an S-curve from a Monte Carlo analysis show?

A. Cumulative probability distribution representing probability of achieving a particular outcome
B. Individual project risks or uncertainties that have the most potential impact on outcome
C. Best alternative out of the possible solutions, incorporating associated risks and opportunities
D. Diagram for all project uncertainties and their influence over a period of time

Correct Answer: A


Which components of the project management plan are inputs used when creating the stakeholder engagement plan?

A. Risk, resource, and communications management plans
B. Scope, quality, and resource management plans
C. Procurement, integration, and risk management plans
D. Communications, schedule, and cost management plans

Correct Answer: D

Which of these is true of project integration management?

A. Project Integration Management is mandatory and more effective in larger projects
B. Project Integration Management and expert judgment are mutually exclusive
C. Project Integration Management is the responsibility of the project manager
D. Project Integration Management excludes the triple constraints if cost performance index (CPI) equals zero


Correct Answer: A


A team was hired to develop a next generation drone. The team created a prototype and sent it to the customer for testing. The feedback was used to refine the requirements.

What technique is the team using?

A. Early requirements gathering
B. Feedback analysis
C. Progressive elaboration

D. Requirements documentation

Correct Answer: B 

A project manager is determining the amount of contingency needed for a project. Which analysis is the project manager using?

A. What-if scenario analysis
B. Simulation
C. Alternatives analysis
D. Reserve analysis

Correct Answer: D 


If you are using an Ishikawa diagram to determine the root cause of problems, which process are you engaged in? 

A. Plan Quality Management
B. Control Quality
C. Risk Management
D. Plan Scope Management

Correct Answer: B

Responsible, accountable, consult and inform (RACI) is an example of which of the following?

A. Text-oriented format
B. Resource management plan
C. Organization chart
D. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)

Correct Answer: D


An organizational structure that standardizes the project-related governance and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques is referred to as:

A. Project Management Information System
B. Project Management System
C. Project Management Office
D. Project Management Knowledge Area

Correct Answer: C 

Which of the following sets are inputs to the Collect Requirements process?

A. Project charter and requirements documentation
B. Project charter and business documents
C. Project charter and stakeholder requirements
D. Business documents and requirements traceability matrix

Correct Answer: B

In which of the Risk Management processes is the project charter used as an input?


A. Plan Risk Responses
B. Implement Risk Responses
C. Plan Risk Management
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Responses

Correct Answer: C 

Which of the following must be included in the risk register when the project manager completes the Identify Risks process?

A. List of identified risks, potential risk owners, list of potential risk response
B. List of identified risks, list of causes, list of risk categories
C. Short risk titles, list of potential risk owners, list of impacts on objectives
D. List of activities affected, list of potential risk responses, list of causes

Correct Answer: A 

One of the outputs of the project schedule is a detailed plan. What is the main purpose of that detailed plan?

A. It represents how and when the project will deliver the products, services, and results defined in the project scope
B. It creates a formal record of the project and shows the organizational commitment to the project
C. It describes how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled, and validated
D. It provides the needs of a stakeholders or stakeholder group


Correct Answer: B 

In which organizational structure would the project manager have most authority?

A. Matrix-weak
B. Matrix-balanced
C. Matrix-strong
D. Organic or simple


Correct Answer: C 

What are the objectives of initiation processes?

A. Initiation processes are performed in order to develop the project charter and identify stakeholders.
B. Initiation processes are performed in order to obtain budget approval for a project or phase and approve scope with customers.
C. Initiation processes are performed to identify business objectives for a project or phase and identify stakeholders’ goals.
D. Initiation processes are performed to map initial requirements for a project or phase and prioritize them with stakeholders.

Correct Answer: C 

A construction project is underway, and during the progress review the painter complained that the task could not be started because the mason has not finished the plastering job. What kind of relationship between the tasks impacted the painting work?

A. Finish-to-Finish (FF)
B. Start-to-Finish (SF)
C. Finish-to-Start (FS)
D. Start-to-Start (SS)

Correct Answer: C 

A project manager has just completed several brainstorming sessions and has gathered the data to show commonality and differences in one single place. What technique was followed?

A. Collective decision making
B. Multicriteria decision analysis
C. Mind mapping
D. Affinity diagram

Correct Answer: C 

Which of these is true of a project schedule?

A. Project Schedule Management processes are discrete and don’t overlap
B. Project schedules should typically allow for flexibility during the project
C. Project schedules must always contain milestone lists and activity attributes
D. Project schedules which are iterative can extend longer than four weeks


Correct Answer: B

How can a project manager determine if the project activities comply with organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures?

A. Look at the quality metrics
B. Validate the scope
C. Review the quality checklist
D. Conduct a quality audit

Correct Answer: A 

For the given information:
Activity A, duration 5 days, predecessors: none Activity B, duration 3 days, predecessors: none.

Activity C, duration 6 days, predecessors: A and B Activity D, duration 7 days, predecessors: B Activity E, duration 4 days, predecessors: C and D Activity F, duration 2 days, predecessors: E and B

Which of the following shows the project’s critical path?


A. Start, B, F, Finish
B. Start, B, C, E, F, Finish
C. Start, B, D, E, F, Finish
D. Start, A, C, E, F, Finish

Correct Answer: B

The primary purpose of the stakeholder register is to:

A. Record stakeholder issues on the project
B. Maintain lessons learned earlier in the project
C. Maintain a list of all project stakeholders
D. Document change requests and their status

Correct Answer: C

Work performance information is an input to which of the following processes?

A. Direct and Manage Project Work
B. Monitor and Control Project Work
C. Control Scope
D. Validate Scope

Correct Answer: B 


Why is tailoring in a project necessary?

A. Requirements keep changing
B. An artifact must be produced
C. A tool or technique is required
D. Each project is unique

Correct Answer: D

The project team is brainstorming on approaches to deliver the upcoming product launch for which the project has been chartered. The project manager is laying out hybrid, adaptive, iterative methods. What is the team trying to address?

A. Co-location
B. Life-cycle
C. Diversity
D. Management

Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is used to classify stakeholders based on their assessments of power, urgency, and legitimacy?

A. Power interest grid
B. Stakeholder cube
C. Salience model
D. Directions of influence

Correct Answer: C 

What can the project manager find among the factors that could lead a project to be tailored?

A. Company culture
B. Return on investment
C. Earned Value
D. Schedule Performance Index

Correct Answer: D

What is the order of the stages of project team development?

A. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning
B. Storming, Forming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning
C. Adjourning, Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing
D. Forming, Storming, Performing, Norming, and Adjourning

Correct Answer: A 

Project managers play a key role in performing integration on a project. What are the three different levels of integration?

A. Process, cognitive, and context
B. Complexity, understand, and change
C. Interact, insight, and leadership
D. Communication, knowledge, and value

Correct Answer: A 

Using the following information and assuming that the project team will work a standard 40-hour work week:

Activity A has a duration of 10 days.
Activity B has a duration of 10 days and its predecessor is Activity A. Activity C has a duration of 15 days and its predecessor is Activity A. Activity D has a duration of 10 days and its predecessor is Activity B and C. Activity E has a duration of 10 days and its predecessor is Activity D. Activity F has a duration of 15 days and its predecessor is Activity D.

What is the critical path of the project?


Correct Answer: B 

When should Project Risk Management be conducted?

A. Project Planning
B. Monitoring and Controlling
C. Quality Planning
D. Throughout the project lifecycle

Correct Answer: D 

What communication methods would a project manager use for overall effective project communication?

A. Interactive communication, push communication, interpersonal communication
B. Interactive communication, push communication, pull communication
C. Push communication, pull communication, interpersonal communication
D. Pull communication, interactive communication, interpersonal communication

Correct Answer: B 


The document that guides project execution, monitoring and control, and closure is called:

A. The project charter
B. The project management plan
C. The integration plan
D. The execution plan


Correct Answer: B 


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