Change Control Board: What You Should Know (+Examples)

What You Never Knew About Change Control Board

In my previous article, I looked at all that you need to know about project management plans for projects. In this article, I want to talk about all that you need to know about Changed! Control Board for projects. Follow me as we will look at this together in this article.


A Change Control Board is an internal unit or department charged with not only monitoring, controlling, coordinating, and implementing changes to all elements of project works, but also with accepting or rejecting changes that have been requested by customers.


Normally, the CCB operates closely with the project’s sponsor, customers and other key stakeholders.

The responsibilities of the CCB should be delineated, documented, and agreed to by the stakeholders, customers, and project team.

Decisions made during the CCB meetings are documented and communicated to the required stakeholders.




Stakeholders can use this information to follow up on the necessary actions.


Scope management plan…

A scope management plan is a planning document that describes how a project team will define, verify, manage and control the project scope. The plan can be either formal or informal, depending on the need of the project.



Typical example…

The project manager of the geothermal energy program. Racheal Tagon, worked with the core project team to construct the scope management plan.


The plan contains a description of how frequently, and extensively the scope is expected to change, how the project team will identify, discuss, and classify changes to the scope, and who will approve the changes.



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