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Affiliate Marketing Tools: The Major Tools To Use

Affiliate Marketing Tools: The Major Tools To Use



Affiliates, or publishers, will be using a variety of online marketing techniques when promoting the affiliate links, which means some tools will come pretty handy during the process. Affiliate software is essential for merchants, allowing them to organize and monitor the affiliate program. On the other hand, affiliates will need a lot of organizational and promotion tools. Affiliates should start with the essentials, which include tools to optimize and monitor the website, tools for content distribution through social media and email marketing.


Essentials include a website, social media and content tools that are crucial for setting up the site and managing the online presence.
Apart from hosting and domain name to host your website, you will need a couple of tools to monitor the performance of the website and to optimize it. Since potential conversions are conditioned by the performance of your website, one of the top priorities when starting out with affiliate marketing is improving your website.


#1 Google Search Console

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, this tool is free for webmasters. Once it is connected to the website, it tracks indexing status, visibility, errors, keywords, etc. In general, it helps you monitor your presence in the Google search engine. The Mobile-Friendly test (checking if your website is mobile-friendly) and the Structured Data Testing Tool (showing how your pages look like in SERP) are two features you should also explore within the Search Console.

#2 Google Analytics

For a more insightful analysis of the website traffic, you will also need to integrate Google Analytics to your website. It is helpful for tracking specific links and how they perform on different media.

#3 QuickSprout Website Analyzer

This tool helps you analyze how well your website is optimized. Additionally, it enables you to follow the tips to edit each segment and recheck if those changes improve website optimization.


#4 Fruition

The free version of this tool provides the Google Penalty Checker, which can be quite useful. Affiliates often notice a drop in ranking when a search engine update is introduced, so it is helpful to know what causes the penalty. The paid version includes site analyzer and other analytics data.


When you start looking for new ideas to improve your current strategy, a considerable part of the process will consist of research. Hence, the research tools you could explore.
Google Keyword Tool – A major part of developing an online marketing strategy is based on keywords. They are used for website optimization, content creation, paid campaigns, etc. To gain access to this tool, you will need to login to your Google AdWords account.

#1 Moz Keyword Explorer

Here is another tool that helps you explore keywords, showing you search volume, difficulty, etc. The free version of the tool is limited to 20 queries per month.

#2 Majestic SEO 

Offering site explorer, search explorer, backlink history feature and many more, this tool is a great option when you want to find out more about your website, or even about your competitors. A free webmaster account shows a glimpse of the data you can obtain through paid plans.
Moz Open Site Explorer.


#3 Moz Open Site Explorer

This is one of the most recommended tools to research a backlink profile of a website, as well as to discover opportunities in terms of link building. It is possible to gain some insights for free but to access a full scope of data, you will need MozPro account.

#4 KeywordSpy

Interested in learning what keywords your competitors are using? Affiliate marketing can be quite a competitive industry, so it would not hurt if you could check out your competitors. From a free lifetime account to the most advanced agency and enterprise plan, this platform includes a variety of tools and data to help you improve your online performance. Some of the features include pay per click intelligence data, organic intelligence data, affiliate intelligence, export options, alerts, etc.


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