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Unknown Facts About Campaign Management In CRM

Unknown Facts About Campaign Management In CRM


At the end of this article, readers should be able to:
  • Define campaign management.
  • Explain some of its unique features.


In the recent time, where car theft is the order of the day, many mobile giants have been able to come up with mobile tracker that helps automobile owners to know where their car is at any given time. So also this is applicable to campaign management.


In campaign management, you should be able to know how far you have succeeded in turning a prospect to a customer


This will help the organization in justifying their investments in a campaign. It will also help in optimizing future investments.
Tracking the success of a campaign ensures that good campaigns are reused while the adjustment is done to faulty ones.


It also ensures the lender is being allocated to the right people, which is sometimes referred to as “Territory management”.



A good CRM campaign management should be able to segment the customers, generate targeted marketing campaigns and also analyze the results.


Some of these marketing software can also incorporate offers and solicitations into the common contact repository and prompt contact agents to follow up on campaigns.



Common Features

One of the features of campaign management software is that it helps organizational users to plan their marketing activities and develop their campaign hierarchies.


They can decide on which segment of customer they want to deal with first based on proper customer segmentation and profiling that has been carried out.



The organization must also be able to outline marketing campaign objectives. That means they have to know what they are setting out to achieve.


This will help them to know when they are successful or failing.



The organization should also come up with merriest that they would use to use to judge themselves.  Once there are objectives that you set out to achieves, then you should be able to look at your objectives and compare then with what you have achieved. 


This will help you to come up with a convincing answer on whether you have succeeded or failed.



There must also be coordination of multiple channels and event triggers to automate response actions.  As a sales manager, you must be able to evaluate interactions between your leads and your sales agents. 


All the channels created by the organisation for the purpose of a campaign must be integrated in order to elicit results.



There should also be building and testing of sample campaigns.  In doing this, the organisation will be able to know how the campaign they are about to introduce to the market will fare before it is introduced to.


The organisation must also be able to store and reuse campaigns strategies that have worked well in the time past. 


This will allow the organisation to minimize cost and improve productivity.



The organisation should b able to measure campaign effectiveness by linking directly to call centre, front line employees and sales force.


  They will be able to ask the customer which particular campaign really attract them to the organisation.



Others include importing of the third party target list, tracking of customer inquiries, tracking sales closure and resource allocation with reference to personnel, budget and time.



At the end of this lesson, we have been able to discover that:

  • Tracking is critical to the success of campaign management
  • You must be able to track the success of your previous campaigns so as to use the lesson learned in the future.
  • Some of the unique features of campaign management include planning marketing activities and developing campaign hierarchies, outlining marking campaign objectives, defining campaign success management, coordinating multiple channels, building and testing sample campaigns, storing and reusing content from previous marketing campaigns among others.



  1. What is campaign management?
  2. What are some of its benefits?
  3. as a CRM Consultant, how can you convince top management in your organisation that it is better to invest in quality services that invest money in a promotional offer?


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