How To Reduce Cart Abandonment On Your Shopify Store

This article talks about how to reduce cart abandonment on your Shopify store

How To Reduce Cart Abandonment On Your Shopify Store



Does your eCommerce website have huge visitors but minimum sales? Is your website suffering from a high shopping cart abandonment rate?


If yes, then you are in the right place to fix it.
Nowadays, cart abandonment is the major problem that most website wieners are neglecting. And most people are confused about how to fix it. This is the reason we have come up with the best tricks to reduce cart abandonment.

Today, we’re excited to talk about cart abandonment, why it happens, and effective ways to fix it in detail.
Are you ready?
Dive in.

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What Is Shopping Cart Abandonment? And Why Does It Happen?

Shopping cart abandonment is the condition where your customers add various products to the cart but fail to buy them. Shopping cart abandonment is over 80% worldwide.

Most shopkeepers fail to address this issue and leave a lump sum of money behind. It has been seen that every 2 out of 3 people leave the cart without buying. But what do you think about this cart abandonment?



Think of physical stores where people buy things offline. How do they manage customers leaving the shops without buying a product? Usually, in the physical shops, people touch the products, feel a safe shopping experience within the four walls and wisely list the buying products. Isn’t it?


Now, what about online shopping? What are the reasons for cart abandonment?

Most people leave the cart for various seasons including checkout fears, no trust in the shopkeepers, minimum online payment options, high shipping costs, and many more.


How to fix them and reduce shopping cart abandonment? Here are the 7 effective ways to fix cart abandonments at your store.

Ways To Fix Your Shopping Cart Abandonment For Shopify Store

Shopping cart abandonment has become one of the major eCommerce concerns for website owners. No matter how much quality product you provide to the customers, you still face cart abandonment disorder. Isn’t it?
But don’t worry.


With intense research and observations, we have come up with the 7 most popular and effective cart abandonment solutions.

#1 Reduce Checkout Fears

Have you ever shopped online? Did you feel safe while delivering your details to the website? No matter whether the answer is yes or no, question yourself why do you think like that.


And know what’s missing for your eCommerce store.
According to a study by Baymard Institute, 61 out of 100 websites are asking for unnecessary details and showing themselves as spammers.



So, make sure you eliminate the check-out fears of the customers by reasoning each point that you are asking the customers. Ensure customers about the terms and conditions of using your data. Make the customers feel secure at your website.


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#2 Build Trust and Credibility During Checkout

After checking out fear, distrust on the eCommerce website is the most common reason for shopping cart abandonment.


Tell your customers how you care about products while shipping, shipping period, tracking, and other details regarding shipment.


Provide trust badges showing the information is 100% secured.
Also, at each point of your website, tell your customers about the quality of the products, guide them on how to choose the best products, and what to do if customers aren’t satisfied with the products.


Question yourself and provide the best solutions on your website.
These are the few considerations ensuring trust and credibility on your website. Hence, reducing shopping cart abandonment.

#3 Simplify Your Checkout Process

Make the customer buying process easier just by simplifying the checkout process. Do not make check-out process complexes that frustrate the customers. Make it simple that end in two or three steps.


It’s noticed that most customers lose interest in buying products when there are complex check-out processes. So, make sure to make it sweet and simple in just a few steps.

#4 Give Shoppers Multiple Payment Options

It’s important to ensure comfort and convenience for customers with the online payment options. If customers find fewer payment options that take a long time to pay, then they leave their cart.


So make sure to provide multiple payment options for the shoppers. This makes shoppers buying easier and more comfortable. Finally, it results in less shopping cart abandonment.

#5  Free or Reduced Shipping Costs

Who would not love the word free? Free shipping, Buy 1 Get 1 free, 50% off, 70% off, and free delivery are some of my favourite sentences. Each time I see them, I make a purchase instantly.


If you want to engage customers with your site and hook them to make instantaneous purchases, then free shipping is the best tool. Now, reducing shopping cart abandonment looks easier. Right?

#6 Re-engage With InactivitySensor™️ Popups

With millions of online stores and choices around the customers, it’s no surprise to forget about things easily.


How many times have you forgotten your meeting timings? Most probably several times. But there is a Google Calendar for you to send meeting notifications and re-engage yourself.


Similarly, you need an OptinMonster’s InactivitySensorTM to trigger pop-ups about the products in the cart. This re-engages the customers ensuring successful purchasers.

#7 Personalize Your Messaging

Have you ever visited a website with frustrating pop-ups? How do you feel? You feel irritated and want to have no pop-ups on your website. Isn’t it?


But this is one of the biggest mistakes that most site owners commit.


The problem isn’t with the pop-ups but with the usage of pop-ups. If you use pop-ups to send personalized messages and campaigns to your customers, they are a great sales booster.


So, never miss out on this opportunity to attract customers. Send personalized messages that hook the customer and show urgency.


Reduce your cart abandonment rate and increase sales using the above-mentioned 7 effective tricks.
Never forget to ensure a smooth shopping experience for the customers and build trust. Be genuine in the shipping and billing process. Tell your customer the exact delivery time and increase credibility. Reward shoppers. Re-engage shoppers with personalized messages.

Take your eCommerce business to the next level by utilizing eCommerce development services. So, get in touch with our experienced Shopify developers and boost your online business.
Make sure to follow these things and enjoy high sales. What do you say? Do you use any other trick to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment? If yes, feel free to comment and join the conversation.

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