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Using Embed Shoppable Instagram Feed On Your Website

Brands ultimately used Shoppable Instagram Feed for the upliftment of their brand. Keep reading as we have mentioned a few important reasons why you, too, as a brand, must embed Shoppable Instagram Feed on your website. 


Instagram is a highly loved social media platform, and a large number of the Instagram user base showcase and proves this point right. 
Barring entertainment and connecting, Instagram users highly use the platform for an online trend called ‘Window shopping.’ 


A majority of shoppers use Instagram to take inspiration – be it fashion, photography, home decor, gadgets, accessories, etc.; due to the large presence of various brands and businesses, the users use this platform to make purchase-related decisions. 


Soon enough, Instagram started a new shopping feature that entirely changed the marketing ways for brands as they got the option to sell their products on Instagram, and it eventually became a hit amongst shoppers. 

Key Reasons Why Brands Must Display Shoppable Instagram Feed On The Website 

To Gain The Trust Of The Potential Customers 

Brands are constantly on the lookout for finding means to gain the faith of their customers. Shifting to a new brand can be quite challenging for customers since they already get comfortable with the previously used products. 

In such a case, instilling faith and confidence in the potential customers is mandatory to convince them to purchase the products. 


By embedding the Shoppable Instagram feed, you build a proof of your brand, and your visitors will be compelled to purchase from your brand. 

Make Your Website More Visually Appealing 

Shoppable Instagram feed
A website is like a representation of the brand. Being the first touchpoint where the customer gets in touch with the brand to explore more about it’s products and services, a website is more like the face of a brand. 


While it is important to design the website user-friendly and give your customers a seamless experience, it is equally important to focus on making the website vibrant and pleasing to the visitors. 
Instagram, being a photo-sharing platform, is quite pleasing to the eyes and dominated by visuals. Embedding a shoppable Instagram feed would instantly increase the vibrancy of the website and compel the visitors to explore more. 


Redirect Your Website Visitors To Instagram 

Displaying Shoppable Instagram Feed is a great way of showcasing the User-Generated Content, and people relate more with UGC since it is authentic, genuine, and trustworthy. 
When your visitors explore your website and see User-Generated Content, they would be interested in going on Instagram to engage more with your brand. 

Moreover, everyone loves being featured, and in a quest to get featured on your website, your visitors may get compelled to visit Instagram and hit that follow button! 



More Authenticity With User-Generated Content 

A majority of customers go through customer reviews and recommendations before making a final purchase, and there is no better content more relatable and authentic than User-Generated Content; and when you incorporate this content to promote your brand on the website, you bring more authenticity to your brand. 


Your website visitors would not pay much heed to your published content when you display UGC. 

Helps In Boosting Engagement

Engagement plays a major role while promoting a brand, and displaying a Shoppable Instagram feed effortlessly helps a brand increase the visitors’ engagement levels. 
When visitors go through Shoppable Instagram feeds, they get a clearer picture of the brand and it’s products since it features real customers. 


They can judge the quality and style of the products and whether they would suit them or not. It makes them decide while the buying process is better and more efficient. 
Along with an increase in dwell time, this helps increase the engagement level of the customers. 


More Conversions & Sales 

Lastly, displaying Shoppable Instagram feeds on the website is an amazing strategy to effortlessly increase revenues. For example, You can use Shopify Instagram shop app to display shoppable Instagram feeds on the Shopify store.
The reasons mentioned above and results would ultimately generate more leads, conversions, and ultimately sales. 


Moreover, the major concern for all brands and businesses is to see a growth in profits, and a majority of brands waste their time trying out various strategies and practices that are not result-driven and as powerful as displaying your customer’s valuable content on your website. 


Closing Note 

At the end of the blog, we are hopeful that you must be clear about how embedding Shoppable Instagram Feeds on the website can be super beneficial for brands and businesses. 
While concluding, all we want to convey is that as an e-commerce brand, you must leverage Shoppable Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy to reap the benefits, and displaying it further on the website can be a game-changing marketing strategy for your sales and revenue. 


Now that you know and have all the reasons to embed Shoppable Instagram feed on your website, leverage it immediately and get set to escalate your profits! 


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