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10 Types Of Network Security Threats

When it comes to the process of connecting two or more computers together, there are some risks that are associated with it which you have to be aware of. I want to talk about ten different types of such risks in this article. Follow me as we are going to do that together in this article.



#1 Malware

Email, Instant Messaging and file programs have traditionally been used to spread viruses, worms, backdoors. rootkits, Trojans and spyware from computer to computer.

#2 Sniffing

Unsecured network connections such as Wifi access points are used by hackers to set up packet sniffers to monitor all traffic that comes and goes to a network.

#3 Denial of service

Denial of service causes the computer to crash or to become so busy processing data that you are not able to use such a device for a legitimate purpose. 

#4 Mobile Code

Intruders use multiple codes to gather information such as the website visited or to run malicious code on your computer as well. 

#5 Email Spoofing

An email message appears to have originated from one source when it actually was sent from another source to trick the user to expose sensitive information. 

#6 Chat Clients 

Chat clients allow the exchange of executable code that may be malicious to be sent through chats. 

#7 Being Intermediary for other attacks

Intruders use compromised computers as launching pads for attacking other devices on a network. This may happen due to negligence and non-compliance on the part of users. 

#8 Backdoor and Remote Administration Program

A malicious web developer may attach a script to something sent to a website, such as a URL that is transferred to your browser when the website responds to you. 

#9 Cross-Site Scripting 

A malicious web designer may attach a script to something sent to a website, such as a URL that is transferred to your browser when the website responds to you. 

#10 Unprotected Windows Share 

Unprotected Windows networking share can be exploited by intruders to place distributed attack tools of Windows-based computers attached to the internet. 

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